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The most likely people to convert or make a purchase on your website tend to be the people who have already done so. By taking advantage of remarketing advertising you can encourage customers to purchase again or even target people who didn’t quite pull the trigger the first time.

What is Remarketing?:

Remarketing gives you the ability to perform target advertising on users who have already shown interest in your business. This can include click on your ads, watching your videos, coming to your website, or even making a purchase. This is essential for recapturing qualified leads that did not convert or one reason or another. It also goes a long way to improving customer life time value which is essential for the sustainability of any business.

How It Works:

We have the ability to track user behavior based on the actions they take on your content and create targeted advertisements on Google or social media platforms to bring their attention back to your company. This is most often used on websites that already have consistent web traffic and has achieved some conversions already, so if you are just starting online marketing it may be more beneficial to focus on creating your refining your target market and offering before starting this.

Website Analysis:

Even the most well targeted retargeting campaigns can be rendered ineffective if your landing pages are not optimized to both inform the consumer and build their trust in a matter of seconds. Our comprehensive website analysis identifies improvements that you can make to improve your landing page effectiveness. We also take the time to help you understand the reasons for our suggestions and we will even suggest tools you can use to test the effectiveness of virtually any page on your website.

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